Stump Grinding

Orlando Evergreen offers stump grinding as a related service that often comes after tree removals. Due to the nature of stump removal is often a necessary evil, but can often be deemed unsafe due to the presence of obstacles around the grounds of the property.

After our team of foremen assesses the property for dangers such as underground power lines, gas pipes, and irrigation pipes, we can confirm whether or not the skilled procedure can take place.

The primary tool for the service is a stump grinder, which comes in a variety of sizes. In addition, there are several different approaches in how a stump can be removed. This method can vary based on the ground conditions, and how the area is left after that job is done.

We pride ourselves on our process of evaluating the stump site by coming up with a game plan to attack the stump, though this comes with a lot of concerns.

  • Removes debris after tree removal

  • Keeps property healthy

  • Reduces risk of disease

  • Easy to clean